The Most Effective FIFA 20 Skill Moves

Having conducted some research amongst hundreds of avid FIFA players, U4GM FIFA 20 Team found that many are put off, in terms of using skill moves, because they’re too complicated to learn or there are too many to learn. The best thing to do is learn them one at a time, starting with the less complex movements on the right stick before moving to the more advanced. Here, U4GM will explain the easiest and most effective skill moves we use every game to: create space to cross on the wing; create space to shoot in and around the box; relieve pressure in midfield; give ourselves more time on the ball; frustrate the opponent; mix up our playing style and much, much more.

All these diagrams are explained, based on the principle that your team is playing from right to left (as the camera angle usually faces from side-to-side rather than up and down, as it appears when you’re in the arena and pre-match).

Obviously, when you’re playing left to right, then just reverse our instructions so they work playing this way too. The diagrams will show you, as we mentioned, our favorite skill moves as well as which areas of the field to use them AND the exact movement you need to do on the right stick to pull off the move in that particular area. U4GM can’t do any more than that barring coming round to your house and holding the pad with you (and that might be a bit weird!).
One final thing which should be mentioned is practicing these moves. DO NOT practice these moves in the arena when the camera is facing the goal (as it does when it loads pre-match). When you’re in a game, the camera you use WON’T be facing the same way so it is vital that when you go into the arena to practice these skill moves you change the angle so it is the same as you will be using in an actual match.