FIFA 20 No touch Dribbling Tips

Finesse button/Our R2 if you changed to our settings. This was the most overpowered dribbling move back on FIFA 16 and 17 and although not AS effective for 19 and now FIFA 20, it is still very worthy of having some tips written about it so.
This move basically makes the player and the ball a separate entity for the time you are holding down the button. The no-touch dribble can be used in a few ways but the most effective, we’ve explained this in great detail for you in our TOP TIP below.

You can use the no-touch dribble, as U4GM FIFA Coins Team said, in a variety of ways. Use in whilst just jogging with the ball (not sprinting) you can press the button, move the left stick one way to feint and then release the button and move in the opposite direction.

It is also really useful when your player is at a standstill, usually in a wide area. You can hold R2/RT (RB/R1 if you haven’t changed) and then move the left stick one way to make the player do a feint and then exit in the opposite. Lionel Messi is the best player in the world at this and this is largely the reason why this move was brought into FIFA 17, last year but one.



  1. Using the above tip, you can make your player do a larger feint if you hold both the R2/RT and the sprint button. Make sure you hold the no-touch button first though, otherwise your player will engage the ball.
  2. The best way U4GM FIFA Coins Team have found to utilize the on touch dribble gives you an amazing speed boost once you have performed the move. Here’s how: you need to be sprinting with the ball and then you hold the no-touch button-down, quickly tap it 45 degrees in the direction you want to feint and then let go of that and sprint away in the opposite direction (all whilst holding down the sprint button, it should be said). See the button explanation below imaging you are sprinting from right to left on the screen: + sprint button, then hold (R2) + (remembering to keep holding sprint), then let go of R2/RT (still hold spirit) and exit using Your player will exit the no-touch dribble with an excellent speed boost, this is very hard to defend against.
  3. The ‘secret’ stepover trick. The reason we put ‘secret’ is that this move was brought into the public eye when all the issues over chemistry were brought up towards the end of FIFA 16. The move is very simple to do but your player must have at least a dribbling stat of 85. All you need to do is hold R2/RT down briefly whilst running with the ball and your player will do a stepover move. The tip here is using this move not necessarily to beat players but to make your opponents back off and be a bit wary of what you might try, which, in turn, will give you more room to play. It’s key that you experiment with the no-touch dribble as it is SO powerful. Make sure this is one of your most moving moves.