Diablo 4 Leveling Guide: Double Your XP Rates After the Latest Patch

In the latest patch for Diablo 4, experience (XP) rates have skyrocketed, allowing players to level up their characters twice as fast as before. If you’ve been looking to level up some of your alternate characters or want to get your friends into the game, now is the perfect time to do so. This article will guide you through the best dungeons to run to maximize your XP and leveling gains.

Increased XP Gain Rates
Blizzard has buffed all XP gain rates for everything inside nightmare dungeons by at least 60 percent in patch 1.03. This includes everything from completing the dungeon, defeating enemies inside of it, if the Butcher spawns, or if there are any events that you complete. Even defeating the last boss has at least a 60 percent buff to the XP gain rate compared to before patch 1.03. If you don’t have much time to upgrade, you can choose u4gm’s Diablo 4 Boosting, which can also achieve the ultimate goal.

The XP gain can vary from dungeon to dungeon. Some of them can go way higher than 60 percent, and some can even reach up to double the amount of XP they previously gave. For example, a typical Gulron Canals run would give 1.1 million XP before patch 1.03. In the new update, it’s closer to 1.8 million.

Best Dungeons for XP Farming
Here are some of the best dungeons to run for maximizing your XP gains:

Elderwood: Even at tier 39, it only gives about 1.7 million XP, which is a couple hundred thousand behind some of the next ones, like the Gulron Canals. However, Elderwood is still a great dungeon with tight sections and corridors with easy enemies.

Gulron Canals: This dungeon gives about 1.8 to 2 million XP for full completion. It can be one of the most efficient if you’re looking at XP gain rates per hour, especially if you do the reset method. There will also be some advanced Diablo 4 Items dropped here.

Blind Borrows: This dungeon gives around 1.9 million XP and was one of the best previously. It’s still a great one, and you can use the reset trick on this one too.

Earthen Wounds: This dungeon is filled with ghosts and has some sections with blockages that spawn a number of Elites that you can easily defeat. It gives over 2 million XP on each of the runs, making it one of the best.

Onyx Hold: This dungeon is a bit lengthier than some of the others, but the XP gain rate is also much higher at about 2.4 million for the full run. It’s filled with ghosts and zombies that you can easily group up for a ton of XP.

The latest patch for Diablo 4 has made leveling up your characters faster than ever before. By running the right dungeons and using the right strategies, you can maximize your XP gains and level up your characters in no time. Happy gaming!

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