How to get Euros in Escape from Tarkov?

Escape From Tarkov is a popular multiplayer shooter on PC that challenges you to either scavenge for resources or hunt the scavengers in hardcore bouts that last about 45 minutes per game. There’s loads of loot to be had here, but one of the most elusive tends to be currency – and Euros in particular. If you’re one of those poor players that just can’t seem to find enough Tarkov Euros, we’re here to help. We’ve got a bunch of tips and tricks for you below that should help you get your hands on more of those lovely banknotes.

Escape from Tarkov Get Euros Method

Escape from Tarkov: How to get Euros Fastest Method

The absolute fastest method of grabbing Euros in Escape From Tarkov is to purchase them from Skier. Bear in mind though, that the trader only has them available from level 3. If you need Euros and you need them fast, sell everything you pick up to Skier. You may also want to cheat the system a bit by purchasing a bunch of Skier’s most expensive items and selling them back. You’ll lose a bit of money but it will help you reach the selling requirements to get Skier to level three.

Skier has four different loyalty levels, which require the following to attain:

  • Level 1: Default
  • Level 2: Level 15 character, .20 rep, and 1,100,000 Rubles in sales
  • Level 3: Level 28 character, .40 rep, and 1,600,000 Rubles in sales
  • Level 4: Level 35 character, .75 rep, and 2,600,000 Rubles in sales

Once you’ve surpassed the loyalty level requirements, Euros should start to appear in Skier’s store right away.

Alternative Methods

While the following methods aren’t quite as quick, easy, or reliable, they should help you pick up a few more Euros while you’re leveling up Skier.

Scavenge Them

While you’re leveling up Skier, you might as well try and pick up some Euros while scavenging. They aren’t quite as common as Rubles, but you can definitely still pick them up from various different places on the map. We’ve heard reports that Euros are most commonly found on the Customs or Shoreline map.

Generally, though, you’ll want to check dorm and hotel rooms, vaults, safes, and cash registers on every map that you play if you’re looking for Euros, as they seem to be most commonly found in these locations.

Kill Scavs

While waiting to play another round as a Scav, you could go hunting them as a PMC. Scavs are almost certainly hunting for this currency as much as you are, so it makes sense to kill and loot any you come across just in case. This method is a lot less reliable than simply scavenging them for yourself though, as you never really know what the Scavs you’re fighting are looking for.

We’d recommend playing on Customs or Shoreline and visiting locations where Euros are usually found, like areas with loads of safes, registers, hotel, and dorm rooms, or vaults. Scavs looking for Euros will typically be found in these locations, so it makes sense to hunt them from there.

Buy Them From Fence

Fence also occasionally stocks Euros, though it’s a lot more difficult getting them from this trader rather than level 3 Skier. That’s because Fence’s inventory is shared with all other players, who are likely trying to snap up as many Euros as you are.

There is a bit of a trick that might help though. Fence’s inventory resets on a regular interval, and you always know when the next reset is as a timer appears while viewing the trader’s inventory. When it hits about 10 seconds, log out and then immediately back in. This allows you to view the refreshed inventory before the timer has reset for everyone else, allowing you to grab some easy Euros. Just be quick though, as other players are likely as aware of this trick as you are.

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