Farming Gold Weapons – 35 Assassin

This is a extremely quick 2 minute boss run and of course, the duration will depend on your skill execution and DPS.


This is also a realistic execution plan. If you look at the DPS of the 2 assassins in the video, they are achievable.


As for drop chance, you have a chance to get the gold drops but
everything depends on your luck. I am not certain about the drop rate
but with this speed, you can probably have your weapons pretty quick.


There is a 30 minute lock out after you finish an instance. Use this
time to gather some aether nearby. Lots of aether in this place.


The other thing is: the gold weapons bind on roll. Just NPC anything
you can’t use. NPC buy them for a million kinahs. That’s alot, isn’t it?


You need to be at least level 34 for this but recommend that you be at least 37 (42 max or the boss won’t drop anything)




Buy some Abyss HP Pots with AP and some large HP Pots


Buy some movement speed buff scrolls or +critical attack food if you want. Optional


Group up with 1 or 2 other assassins. Go with someone with pretty similar DPS to reverse aggro easily.


Meet up and enter Fire temple (asmos) or Kyola temple (elyos). You need the finish a quest to enter this instance.


In instance:


Turn on Bloodlust I (speed buff).


Turn on Hide II


Glide until you reach a mob-free spot


Wait for Hide II CD to finish.


Consume Mana pot to replenish Mana


Turn on Hide II


Proceed towards the boss’s hideout.


Kill 1 mob near boss.


Lure boss to spot using bow.


Assassin A aggro and splash DPS at Boss


Assassin A prepare to use Abyss Pot and HP Pot. This will allow you to tank a few hits.


Assassin B go to back of boss, stun, buff, backstab, surprise attack, dp skill.


Assassin B will reverse the aggro if done right.


Assassin B prepare to pot. (Kromedes gives crazy damage)


Now the aggro in on B after all that crazy damage.


Assassin A go to back of boss, buff backstab surprise attack, dp skill, repeat what player B did.


If there is a Assassin C, this will be faster but you have 1 more person to split the loot.


If you got a golden staff/orb/spellbook/mace/spear, sorry you can’t
trade them.. They bind on roll! But good news is that you can NPC them
for 1 million kinah. That’s quite a bit of money.


Now, there is a 30 minute lock down on re-entering the dungeon.


You can go gather some aether nearby. Lots of aether in this place.


Or you can set up store and sell some stuff outside the dungeon.


This process takes about 2 mins plus

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