Aion Macro Guide

What is a Macro?

A macro is a function that enables you to carry out a number of continuous processes, in one step. By using macros, you can conveniently use several skills or commands with just a single icon.

Running a Macro

시작 메뉴 – 매크로 (If it’s on the China version, otherwise I think you can find it yourself) Click to open the Edit Macro Window. Run a macro by selecting one from the Macro List and registering its icon on the Quickbar, or by entering the Macro Command directly in the Chat Window.

Registering a Macro

You can register a new macro by pressing the ‘New Macro’ button on the Macro Tab of the Macro Window. You can register up to 12 macros.

Deleting a Macro

Select the macro icon to delete on the Macro Window and click the ‘Delete’ button.

Editing a Macro

1. Select the macro icon to edit and click the ‘Edit’ button.

2. Edit the macro text on the Edit Macro Window, and click the ‘Save’ button.

Composition of Edit Macro Window

Macro Name: When you register a macro on the Quickbar, the name of the macro is displayed as a tool tip. You can enter up to 10 characters including spaces.

Macro Description: Enter a brief description of the macro here. You can enter up to 40 characters including spaces.

Select Icon: These are icons you can use as macro icons.

Enter Macro Command: Enter the commands to include in the macro. You can enter up to 255 characters including spaces.

Entering a Macro Automatically

Dragging a skill, function, emotion, Quickbar or item icons onto the Enter Macro Command box of the Edit Macro Window enters the command automatically.

Entering a Macro Manually – Skills

Enter ‘/Skill [skill name]’ in the Enter Macro Command box of the Edit Macro Window. You need to enter the exact name of the skill, including spaces, to run the macro properly.

Ex) /Skill Ferocious Strike II

Entering a Macro Manually – Functions

Enter ‘/Skill [function name]’ in the Enter Macro Command box of the Edit Macro Window. You need to enter the exact name of the function, including spaces, to run the macro properly.

Ex) /Skill Pick Up Item

Entering a Macro Manually – Emotions

Enter ‘/[emotion name]’ in the Enter Macro Command box of the Edit Macro Window.

Ex) /Laugh

Entering a Macro Manually – Quickbar

Enter ‘/Quickbar [quickbar type] [number of quickbar rows] [quickbar number]’ in the Enter Macro Command box of the Edit Macro Window. The numbers for quickbar types are: Basic Quickbar (1), Ctrl Quickbar (2), Alt Quickbar (3), and Right Quickbar (4).

Ex) /Quickbar 1 1 1 – executes the icon registered in the first slot of the first row of the Basic Quickbar.

Entering a Macro Manually – Items

Enter ‘/Use [item name]’ accurately in the Enter Macro Command box of the Edit Macro Window.

Ex) /Use Mercenary Canteen

Entering a Macro Manually – Target Selection

Enter ‘/Select [character name]’ in the Enter Macro Command box of the Edit Macro Window. You can enter [%Yourself], [%Pet], [%Group1]~[%Group5], [%Pet1~5], [%Target], [%PreviousTarget] and [%TargetofTarget] instead of a character name.

Ex) /Select [%Pet1] – Selects the pet of the group member no. 1.

/Select [%PreviousTarget] – Selects the previously selected target.

Entering a Macro Manually – Chat

Enter ‘/[chat mode] [text]’ in the Enter Macro Command box of the Edit Macro Window.

Ex) /Whisper Hi there!

You can enter [%Yourself], [%Pet], [%Group1~5], [%Pet1~5], [%Target], [%PreviousTarget] and [%TargetofTarget] while in the middle of a chat.

Ex) /Group [%Group1] is really the best!

Entering a Macro Manually – Variables

You can assign variables to frequently used names by entering /Variable [0~9] [name] in the Enter Macro Command box of the Edit Macro Window.

Ex) /Variable 0 Minor Potion of Life

You can compose macros more easily by registering variables assigned to long names. Assigned variables can be checked in the Variable tab of the Macro Window.

Ex) /Use [#Variable0] – uses a Minor Potion of Life.

Entering a Macro Manually – Miscellaneous

You can delay time by entering ‘/Delay [time(seconds)].

Ex) /Delay 3.5 – delays the execution for 3.5 seconds.

You can execute a normal attack by entering ‘/Attack’.

Ex) /Attack – attacks a selected target.

You can change the usage status of a Power Shard by entering ‘/Power Shard [Activate/Deactivate]’.

Ex) /Power Shard Activate – uses the Power Shard.

You can change your equipped weapon by entering ‘/changeweaponset’.

You can support a selected target by entering ‘/AssistTarget’.

You can automatically choose a target to attack by entering ‘/AutomaticSelection’.

Cautions about using Macros

– You cannot enter another macro within a macro.

– Some commands may require sufficient cooldown time between the execution of commands.

– Macros are stopped when there is not enough MP or HP to execute a skill, or when there is no target.

– You can use the Example tab to see how you can use commands.

– You cannot use the following macro commands in the Chat window.

/Delay [%Yourself], [%Pet], [%Group1~5], [%Pet1~5], [%Target], [%PreviousTarget], [%TargetofTarget] and [%Variable0~9].


In this tutorial, we will be exploring how to click and drag the skills into the macro command box. I will also show you the 2 most popular macro examples used by solo and group party players. I have also written down some of the most basic and commonly used macro commands at the bottom of the tutorial. And before I conclude the tutorial, I will share with you the issues arises from using the macro and how to use them so that the chain will not be interrupted.

For new players, do not worry if you think that typing macros may be equivilant to keying in html or C++ command lines. Thank NCSoft for the Click and Drag function that will save you tons of trouble.

Before we go on, please check yourself on the Key Map under Option menu. As each and everyone of us uses different sets of keys that suit us well.

Step 1 : Open your Macro Menu and Skill menu

Step 2 Click on New Macros or Edit(if you want to edit existing Macros)

Step 3 Click and drag the skill icon into the “Enter Macro Command” Box

Step 4 Key in /Delay 1 after every single skill command(or change the number if u wan longer delays. 1 = 1s)

Step 5 Under name of the macro, key in the name you want. And if you want, you may key in a brief description of what the macro do.

Step 6 Select the Icon you like

Step 7 Click save (the save button will remain grey if there is no name in “Name of Macro”)


That is about the juice of it. You can also drag in icons from the Actions or Emotes tabs and the command will be automatically key in for you. It is that simple.

Below are some of the examples I can share with you for Both Solo and Group party. Though there are some listed examples in the macro box, but some of them are either too troublesome or command are too tedious. At this stage I do not have the full macro command list but what I am going to list down will be by far the most frequently used.

Solo Skill Chain :

/Automatic Selection <—Key in this ONLY if you are even too lazy to click on the mob manually
/skill [name of skills]
/delay 2 (set your delay accordingly not more than 4-5)
/skill [name of skills]
/delay 2
/Attack (Resume auto attack)

Group Party Assist Attack Macro :
/select [Nick of the tank] (exclude “[” “]”)
/skill Assist Target (will switch target to the one the tank is targetting)
/Group Assisting to attack [%target] now. (Group chat – [%target] will auto change into the name of your target. Must key in “[” & “]”)

I do not recommend you guys to use skill chain in the Group Party Assist Attack Macro. Dedicate your skill chain using another macro icon. It will save you a lot of headache trust me.

Useful Macro Command

/Select = Target
/Skill Assist Target = If you target your tank and he is in turn targeting a mob, your target will switch to the mob
/Select [%target’starget] = same as /skill Assist Target (thx to Xareny at Official beta forums)
/Group = Group Chat
/Shout = Shout
/General = General chat (actually if you want to chat in normal channel, just type what you want to say in the line will do. You do not need this command unless your chat is in eg Alliance chat mode)
/Legion = Chat will only display among legion members
/Attack = Attack
/Automatic Selection = it will choose nearest mob
/Skill [skill name] = Use the skill as reflected in the skill name (You do not need to key in the “[” & “]”)
[%Target] = Will display Target name. You will need to key in “[” & “]”
[%group1] = Will display the player occupying the first slot of the party
/delay 1 = delay set to 1 sec (I recommend you set your delay according to the casting time of your previous skill command)

As for the details or command for the skill names, emotes and action, all you need to do is drag the icon into the “Enter Macro Command” box will do.

Movement while executing macro skill chain

One of the most common mistakes is that players forgot to include /delay command after every skill command. It is a must if you want the skill to chain flawlessly. I recommend you set your delay peg to your cast time. However, I do not set the delay above 4-5 as that is about the maximum waiting time to toggle the next chain skill.

Ok, bad news for spell casters, you cannot move if you are using macros. The macros will be interrupted as your skills are ranged type. You can only move at the 2nd last skill chain you have put in your command lines. BUT you can only start moving 3/4 of the way when you are casting the spells. (Not tested though, it is my theory)

For melee class, if you click on the macros at a distance from your mob and all your skill chains are close range type, I realised the Aion game mechanic will execute the macros command as if the mob is next to it.

What I mean is this – Your character will run towards the mob, but the program will execute the first line of the skill command. As the mob is still in the distance, the programme may think that the skill has been executed and go for the next line.

For eg :
Your macro commands is as follow :
/Skill Skill 1
/Delay 2
/Skill Skill 2

You click on the macro while the mob is at the distance, your character took let say 2 second to run towards it. When your character reached the mob, it will execute skill 2 (if it is not a chain skill).

For Melee class players : Once you are beside the mob and you click on your macros, as long as your skills in the command are instant type skills, feel free to move around and the skill chain will still be executed. However, if there is a spell type skills in your macro, the macro will be interrupted upon movement.

I have tested the above movement test with my Chanter. Initially I have used smite (spell 2s Cast time) in the first line of my macro followed by my melee chain skills. The macro is always interrupted when I moved the instant I click on macro. When I took the skill smite out, the physical skills (both have instant cast time) chain it perfectly when I move around.

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