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NBA 2K18: Historical NBA Franchise Teams


The flagship NBA 2K basketball game series has promised to revive our memories with an ad that is likely to make many nostalgic. It was Dwyane Wade who revealed his presence on the Miami Heats All-Time Team. Alongside the great Shaquille O’Neal, already present at the Lakers, Wade teases us the team of his old ….  Read More

Albion Online Is A Special MMO


After going through several beta phases, the Sandbox Interactive MMORPG is officially released on July 17, 2017. It is unquestionable that it is off the beaten track, and it takes this to stand out in a market already loaded, but it will not necessarily appeal to everyone. History to make you hand, we offer these ….  Read More

Albion Online Tips: Three Type Of Guilds


Guild is an important part of the new Albion Online. To help players find out the group that supporting their gaming style, the official site choose three different guild type for new players to join: Casual, Semi-hardcore, Hardcore. Each type has three representative guilds. Casual, Social and Hybrid Guilds GoodFellas It’s an English guild focus ….  Read More