Poe 3.6 Shadow Melee Builds With Flicker Strike

Flicker Strike can be an attack that teleports the character to the nearby enemy and strikes it with his weapon. If no particular monster is chosen, 1 is picked at random. The skill incorporates a cooldown which will be bypassed by expending a Frenzy Cost. Added Increased Assault Speed from Frenzy Prices: This attack receives a further 10% increased attack pace from every single frenzy demand, on top of the +4% automatically granted to all assaults from each frenzy cost. Essentially, each individual frenzy charge will grant attacks produced with Flicker Strike a +14% assault velocity bonus.

[Poe 3.6 Trickster] CI Apep’s Supremacy Flicker Strike Trickster

You should definitely get the ES Atziri’s Splendour as there are numerous versions. To locate the correct one particular, look for kids with a lot more than 500 ES. And when you coloration the 6 sockets, will not use Vorici. On regular, you will require 121 chromes.

Employing Golden Rule + Red Trail, you could self-inflict a bleed on oneself for getting frenzy prices on strike. This permits you to Flicker vs bosses. Nevertheless, applying Apep’s Supremacy + Chaos Inoculation, we do not get any injury from a bleed.

Notified that Vaal pact no longer will work for ES. As an alternative, Ghost Reaver will give you the VP influence. Nevertheless, because ES leech is now 10% of max ES at default (vs 20% of life currently, and 20% of ES prior to 3.six), doubling will just return the rate to the identical since it was in advance of. This suggests you need to no longer travel to VP, which will save about 10 skill points. That is a nerf for your build, however, you do help save points that you just can invest somewhere else.

Energy leech assist (it is a blue gem): Use this on your sixth backlink in the event you have got a really hard time having 5 pink 1 environmentally friendly sockets. Ideally, for max DPS, find a distinct source of bleed likelihood (much like the Phys/bleed hybrid mod on claw) and exchange opportunity to bleed guidance with this particular gem.
Swift killer ascendancy node buff: you can now use any channeling skill to receive your frenzy/power fees on getting into a new zone
Ghost Dance/Escape ascendancy node buffs: In case you make use of a superior Evasion upper body, high ES helm, and Jade flask, these may very well be truly worth having. However, you, however, want five red sockets around the upper body, rather than becoming capable to take the other nodes will hurt. General, We wouldn’t suggest it, however, you can try if you would like to.

WARNING: Apep’s defense is going to be very expensive this league, so you require this product to accomplish this build. My guess is the fact the costs might be about ten Exalted orbs.

+ Immune to bleed hurt, chaos damage
+ Can use defend the charge
+ Can maintain frenzy prices vs bosses

– Some equipment is pricey
– Life-gain-on-hit does nothing at all
– Necessary distinctive items limitations some equipment flexibility
– In comparison to lifestyle builds, you may get surprised and frozen conveniently.

PoB Hyperlink – https://pastebin.com/M1vBcY6w

Skill Tree – http://www.poeurl.com/ckjw
[Poe 3.6 Trickster] 5-Aura Flicker Strike Trickster – 3 Heralds+Aspect from the Cat+Hatred – All Material

Welcome to your 5-Aura Flicker Strike build while using the course Shadow, ascendancy Trickster. That is gonna be my first time producing an genuine tutorial so do bear with me. In advance of we get started, heralds will not be auras. For your sake on the build, it sounded significantly better to categorize them as auras alongside with Hatred which this build will likely be using. They all reserve a share of mana anyhow, ideal? So don’t hope to really run 5 “actual” auras. With no additional ado, we have got an introduction of why I like Flicker Strike and the spawning of this build.
The build is in fact pretty simple. Run around and/or Leap Slam right up until you see an enemy after which you can use Flicker Strike to shatter anything to oblivion. Pop your flasks in the course of your flicker(s) or before you decide to flicker. In case you are self-casting your ice golem, then usually be certain it is actually summoned therefore you get the essential possibility buff from it. If it is in your CWDT set up, then you definitely really should be high-quality far too. Naturally ensure that all of your heralds, your AotC and Hatred are on before you decide to start a map. Just recognizing that you choose to can run all those pseudo auras together with Hatred is undoubtedly a great feeling. It can be like an aura bot but on your own while remaining capable to dish out respectable hurt.

+ Crazy distinct pace
+ Use five aura/heralds/aspects at the same time!
+ Higher crit causing constant quick shatters and explosions
+ Can do all content material within the recreation
+ Micro-transactions will make shatters and Flicker Strike seem awesome
+ Trustworthy method to generate/maintain Frenzy Fees
+ Part of the Solid grants us more crit chance and DPS
+ 5000+ daily life by natural means from a lifetime on items and skill tree

– A possible probability of operating out of Frenzy Expenses (Rarely ever. I in no way ran from Frenzy Charges since starting off this build at amount 70)
– Not good for delving (heading in the mines)
– Can distinct all content but selected fights have to have different setups
– Backtracking to choose up Poe Currency & items
– Not funds friendly or a league starter
– Expected items may possibly be complicated to obtain (high-priced, unusual to seek out certain rolls on PoE items)

Bandits: Destroy all of them
1st Lab: Weave the Arcane
2nd Lab: Harness the Void
3rd Lab: Swift Killer
4th Lab: Affected individual Reaper

Soul of Solaris as your Major God.
This is often truly fantastic when we are participating bosses or simply tougher exceptional enemies which might be ordinarily by them selves gave that Flicker Strike will crystal clear every one of the trash for us in a very jiffy.

Soul of Gruthkul as your Minor God.
Should you do conclusion up obtaining strike, we can stand up to 5% of bodily injury reduction which assists a tad far more with our defenses. We’re presently rather tanky with 5-6k+ life and having a respectable evade opportunity because of each of the evasion and dexterity that we have.

PoB Backlink: https://pastebin.com/4eTiNpgu

Skill Tree: http://poeurl.com/cjYQ