Lionel Messi Sledding with His Son and Wife

At least not when it comes to racing on the snow with his family, as the Barcelona superstar’s sledge gets stuck going down a hill.

His girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo uploaded a video to Instagram of the Barcelona superstar enjoying the snow with her and their son Thiago, but he was left lagging behind as they raced down a hill.

Everyone on earth knows about Lionel Messi and his footballing abilities. He is arguably the best player in the world, despite losing the Ballon d’Or to rival Cristiano Ronaldo a few weeks ago.

It is widely regarded that Messi is the most gifted footballer in the world, where as Cristiano Ronaldo is the hardest working.

Messi seems to be enjoying his week off, as a video of him playing in the snow with his family was uploaded on to Instagram. The video shows the soccer superstar sliding down a small hill with his son on his lap, pretty adorable if you ask me.

Barcelona currently sit 2nd in the La Liga table, one point behind Real Madrid. However Ronaldo’s Real Madrid have a game in hand, meaning they could go ahead by 4 points.