FIFA 15 Guide :How to Profit Off Team of the Week

This method relies heavily on the fundamental economic principle of supply and demand. Very generally, supply and demand is the relationship between the effect that the quantity or availability (or supply) of a particular product and the desire (or demand) for that product has on price. Usually, if there is a low supply and a high demand, the price will be high. In contrast, the greater the supply and the lower the demand, the lower the price will be. In the context of the FUT market, understanding supply and demand will give you an enormous leg up on your fellow traders. The following method helped me turn 10,000 coins into over THREE MILLION coins in just under eight weeks of casual trading. Every Wednesday, EA releases a new Team of the Week (TOTW). This TOTW is composed of the players who had the best performances during the previous week (for example, if Samuel Eto’o scores a hat trick for Chelsea against Arsenal over the weekend, he’ll likely be included in the next TOTW).

fifa 15 TOTWThe TOTW contains special black-coloured cards, called in-forms (IF’s), that replace the standard, not inform (NIF) version of the player in packs that week. These are harder to come by in packs when you are just opening them, so this makes this kind of card especially rare and therefore more valuable.

So, because there are no new NIF’s of that player in packs that week, the supply of that player on the market subsequently decreases by a large margin. If the demand were to stay the same, prices would increase simply by virtue of there being fewer cards on the market. However, the demand for the NIF will increase, as the player will be hyped by EA. Just because people cannot afford the in-form version does not mean that they are completely uninterested in this player – it actually spurs interest in this player. In addition, because that player performed well over the weekend, lots of gamers saw the player’s performance and were likely impressed enough to want to try him out on FUT.

In order to entice players to buy packs, EA will advertise the TOTW all week via Twitter, the web app, and on your console. By advertising the TOTW, EA is trying to say that these are some of the best players in the game. Experienced FUT users know that IF’s can be hit or miss with regards to how well they perform on your team, but the average FUT user does not.

The average FUT user will usually be interested in the TOTW players, but will likely be unable to afford IF’s. Therefore, the average FUT user will settle for buying the NIF’s.

The heightened interest in the player that derives from EA’s marketing and advertising of the TOTW combined with his real-world performance leads to an increased demand. The decreased supply of NIF’s combined with the increased demand for the player lead to a rise in prices. This method works week in and week out simply due to the naturally occurring shifts in supply and demand in the FUT market for the player’s NIF. For example, when I was refining this method, I decided to give myself 20K to work with as an experiment and see how much I could make in a week.

On a Thursday in February, the day after the TOTW was released, I decided to invest in the NIF version of David Alaba, the Bayern Munich RB who had been given an IF that week. Just started off with buying eight or nine and who can used that profit to buy more.Remember kept using all of my trade profit to buy more Alaba’s until you had a full trade pile’s worth of Alaba’s. When cards sold make sure to restock as quickly as possible.

So, if you see that a player has already risen by a significant percentage (over 15%), just move on to your next target. This is a telltale sign that the market has been artificially inflated by the high-risk, high-reward traders. Investing at that point means that you’re not only buying in at an already-inflated price point, but that you’re also buying into an unstable market due to the artificial inflation.

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