We are going to talk about Tera gold guide by farming the Wrangell points, and also by doing some crafting which is itching crafting alchemy crafting and by buying and selling customs mounts woman skins. In Tera Online, if you have lots of Tera Gold, then you can purchase what you want to buy, and get the upgrades you need. Getting TERA gold can be time-consuming, don’t worry, here you can get Tera Gold without having to spend lots of time grinding.

maxresdefault-36-1 TERA Online Gold Farming Guide

The first thing we’ll talk about is the fungal points, for example in my case I found the vanguard points by using 13 characters. By using same 13 characters, I can farm around 20,000 gold to 250,000 gold every 1012 days. I need to do the daily quest, the Vanguard quest with all of my characters and it will take around 3 to 5 hours every day if I did all the quests with all my characters. why am I forming the Vanguard quest? The reason is to buy aged Galini oz tier which is cost around 1500 run upwards and can be sold around 8,000 to 9,000 and 500 colts and by using 13 characters which means I can buy 13 a steal in your sphere.

If we count the gold reward from the daily quest, it will be around 93 thousand gold. So the total is 200 thousand gold note. I do five quests with each character, you don’t need 13 characters to do that you confront ten coins today with one character which means it will count as two characters in my case. So the reason is I’m using 13 characters because I just get bored. So I just keep switching between the classes and that’s more fun in my case.

Now we’ll talk about crafting in general. Eating and alchemy as you know, the main way to make golden MMORPGs is by crafting and Tera is the same so try to make your crafting level and sell your items at the proper easy profit. The easiest way to make golden Tera, it’s by doing crafting and here I will show you that if you make a crafting you can get a lot of money.

I used to do the first two methods which are crafting and doing Vanguard quests, but at the same time I had a lot of cash, I did not know what to do with it. So I start doing this a new method which is every single time when there are a new event special rewards new mounts, new weapons etc. As you know a lot of people won’t buy these items, so the market will be full of these types of items a lot, you’ll find instead of fighting ten marks. You’ll find 100-page or something like that and the price will go down, so be so cheap, then the offer will be gone after a few weeks, few months.

The new players or all the players would like to buy that item again. Sometimes you are missing a job and all this stuff and someone would like to buy this special Mouse, special items but it’s done, it’s hard to find now, and that is this of these items in the broker. After few months the price of that item will go up 1 million % and that’s what I do when I get XL cash I buy new items and all items with low price and I wait some time. I keep checking the broker every 2 weeks 3 weeks, if the item price went up I sell it for double profit, triple profit and so on. If you are looking for a secure Tera gold buying website, then the U4GM marketplace is your best choice, and we offer the best prices for Tera Gold. Hope you guys have fun in-game and profit from it!