About the next ESO game there are many good answer in internet but I’d like to agree with that ESO needs a more strict Moral complexity. As we know a character can’t change cause just like actions can’t change the whole world, even they seems small. Things like the Civil war factions and Dawnguard expansion certainly added some of these elements but I’d like to see it on a broader scale. More actions that cannot be undone or fixed in a characters life.

skyrim What the Next ESO Game Can Do Over Skyrim

On the other side, masks and outfits ought to be more effective. It is unrealistic that you wear an Imperial uniform and ahead to a Stormcloak camp within harmed. Such as a person dressing up fully and walking into a place and being recognized. Based on the wearing and actions it’s better to be more complex and varied, so there will be more fun and challenges for players.

Expanding is also an aspect we are expect, for example in Shivering Isle of Hearthfire, character become the acting king. It make all land and responsibility are under your control, that’s a fantastic experience. You are free to talk about how to solve the problems about farmers and make decision about it, or you can also discuss economy issue or do same things like that. For players, deeper game is what we want. Looking forward to ESO surprising trend continue.