The Elder Scrolls Online: Details For DLC Horns Of The Reach

These days, Bethesda and Zenimax released some details about the upcoming updates of The Elder Scrolls Online.

The new DLC, called Horns of the Reach, will be available in August 29 for 1500 crowns. At the same time, the new game update will be released, which will introduce several new features including a new map (called Arcane University) and a new battleground, called Chaosball.

In the additional content, however, there will be two new dungeons: Bloodroot Forge and Falkreath Hold.

Bloodroot Forge

Burning with hatred and thirsty for vengeance, the Reachmen have discovered the location of a dreadful secret: the Bloodroot Forge. This altar to all things primal and untamed grants a terrible power to those who would wield it. Venture into the Bloodroot Forge to stop the Reachmen and their Minotaur allies – before it’s too late.

Falkreath Hold

Falkreath’s defenses are breached. The Minotaur and their Reachmen allies are relentless, pouring through the hold’s broken walls. Soon, Falkreath Hold will fall. Gather your most trusted companions and set forth. You are the last line of defense.

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