6993945 Inter Milan Beat Celtic 1-0 at Home, With a Total Score of 4-3 in the Round of 16UTfifa15coins, legit and safe Fifa 15 Coins online store. 1/16 Europa League final, second leg, with Guarin lore 88th minute long-range, Inter Milan beat Celtic 1-0 at home, with a total score of 4-3 in the round of 16.

The first seven minutes, Inter defense error, gave Stephen single opportunity, but Scottish teenager shot into the far corner Scottish teenager is amazing Carrizo saved. The first eight minutes, Palacio rotation curve ball outside the penalty area misses to the bottom left corner of the goal. The first 18 minutes, restricted the right of frontier Thornton may pass like shooting, Icardi shovel shoot fell to the ground did not hit the ball, missed a great opportunity. The first 27 minutes, Van Dyk for Palacio foul booked.

The first 36 minutes, Van Dyk pulled down from the rear side of Icardi, tactical foul, got a second yellow card and was sent off for the visitors but one person operations. Hernanes free kick pass, Icardi shakes small frontier penalty area, Gordon magically remove the ball from the front of the goal line. The first 40 minutes, the Celtics substitutions, Ambrose played, replaced Stephen. Inter almost corner opportunity to break, Ranocchia header from the center failed to suppress the ball, the ball slightly above the lintel. After 3 minutes, Celtic goalkeeper out goalkeeper has closed out a strong low shot to the far post by , the first half, both teams failed to break.

The first 49 minutes, cut into the penalty area on the right touchline Palacio, small angle blasts hit high. The first 53 minutes, Gordon denied Hernanes’s long shot , tonight seemed destined to become his shows. Izagre got a yellow card. The first 56 minutes, Icardi Shovel shoot close was again resolved by Gordon . The first 60 minutes, Inter played with consecutive passes, Hernanes shot across the penalty area to the left of Gordon’s fingers off, but misses to the distal end of the column. The first 64 minutes, Shaqiri corner to create a threat, Ranocchia header top side.

The first 67 minutes, Guarin forest pass over the top, Palacio ferry unmarked header from the center of Icardi still top side. The first 70 minutes, as a waste of time Gordon got yellow card .The first 78 minutes, Guarin kicked Johansen, also booked.

The first 88 minutes, Inter complete killing Down, Guarin 25 meters external ball Explosive Shot broken corner, 1-0. The total score of 4-3, Inter advance in sight. Overall end of the game, the Nerazzurri successfully break through.

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