Anderson-Manchester-United_2984842 £550,000 - ANDERSON LEAVE MANCHESTER UNITED

So it is FA Cup weekend and plenty of Premier League teams have been getting a good rest, mostly because the magic of the cup has seen the likes of Chelsea and Manchester City knocked out by lesser opponents. (Buy Fifa 15 Coins PC, XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, PS3, PS4, Android, IOS Service on UTfifa15coins.)

Jose Mourinho was fuming after his side were dumped out by lowly Bradford City at Stamford Bridge in the previous round, but he may be feeling thankful for a rest ahead of the Champions League resumption next week, especially as their opponents, PSG, suffered injuries yesterday.

Just because the crazy £5bn roller coaster ride that is the Premier League is having a short break, does not mean there isn’t plenty of gossip about the media – it’s a Sunday tradition.

Manuel Pellegrini is being given an ultimatum that could please his rivals at Arsenal and Liverpool, while Arsene Wenger has seen one of his key players told to drop the Gunners for his own good. Granted, this is from a famous loud mouth, but it’s hardly going to bring a smile to the Frenchman’s face.

Meanwhile, Chelsea and Manchester United look on course to fight it out for a player who is named after a pretty rubbish television programme about a woman – though the Old Trafford club take the top headline for paying a hefty fee to let one of their heftiest flops LEAVE.