How to make Real Madrid invincible in FIFA 15 –

They’ve won 18 games in a row, scored over 50 goals in 14 La Liga matches, and if they manage to beat Ludogorets Razgard tonight, Real Madrid will have a perfect record in the Champions League group stage. With Ronaldo having scored more league goals on his own than 14 Spanish teams you wouldn’t bet against a heavy Real win at the Santiago Bernabeu tonight.

Of course, Real Madrid are one of the best teams in FIFA 15, too, and you shouldn’t struggle to beat Ludogorets if you were to play the fixture in the game. But what if you were playing against the other European giants? Barcelona, Bayern Munich or even Chelsea. With this team guide, we’ll make you as good as Real Madrid are in real life. And you can use this tips to win more games and earn more FIFA 15 Coins

What formation should you choose?

It is important to remember that you can tweak your formation during the match. Indeed, the key to countering your opponent is changing your tactics to react to the events of the game. Having said that, Real Madrid’s players are most effective when playing a 4-3-3 from the off. 

It is best to start with a defensive 4-3-3, picking two CMs and one CDM. With all Real’s attacking talents, this may seem a little negative, but it will give you a solid base, enabling you to gain a good good understanding of your opponent’s playing style, plus their strengths and weaknesses. Should your FIFA foe prove to be noticeably weak at the back, shifting to 4-3-3 attacking (two CMs and one CAM) would be sensible. 

However, if you start defensively yet still find yourself under heavy pressure, that would suggest that your opponent is simply a better player. For a team like Real Madrid, this needn’t be a problem. Simply flick the counter attacking tab on your D-pad and wait for a suitable opportunity to lead a break away. Given the quality of your wingers in Ronaldo and Bale, these chances will present themselves throughout the 90 minutes. You just have to be ready to take them when they arrive.

Which players should you pick?

So, if you follow our advice and play a 4-3-3, how will you fit Modric, Kroos, Khedira and James Rodriguez into your team? You won’t. If you only take one thing away from this FIFA 15 team guide, you should remember not to force players into unnatural positions just so you can include all your favourite footballers in the starting XI. Instead, you should utilise your substitutes to ensure you get the best out of your team. 

So, what is the best Real Madrid team in FIFA 15? In goal, the clear choice is Iker Casillas. Although the Spaniard is entering the latter stages of his career, the Real Madrid stopper is still some way above teammate Keylor Navas, with five points separating the two keepers.

Picking defenders is simple. Trust in Ramos and Pepe in the centre back positions to stop the opposing strikers, and select Marcelo and Carvajal to deal with speedy wingers. Although this is technically the weakest area of the team, the strength of Real Madrid’s midfield and strikeforce means that any goals conceded should be cancelled out with plenty of your own.

Despite being the area of the side most likely to give you a selection headache, the formula for Madrid’s three in midfield is fairly simple. As mentioned above, each of the 4-3-3 formations best suited for this side feature two CMs. In this case, Luka Modric and Toni Kroos fit perfectly, so don’t hesitate to put those two straight into the starting XI. Given their combined lack of pace, avoid trying extravagant solo runs with this duo. That will only waste needless energy for two players who, if handled correctly, will last the match with a healthy amount of stamina remaining. 

The big selection headache is choosing between James Rodriguez or Sami Khedira. This is where you should correlate your chosen 4-3-3 system with your team selection. The silky Colombian is most effective as the spearhead of that midfield trio, linking up attacking play, while Khedira is far more influential sitting in his natural holding role at CDM. Given that we suggested starting with a defensive 4-3-3, Khedira seems like the only choice, but if you are brave enough to start with an attacking 4-3-3 then Rodriguez is your man, with Isco making for a perfectly adequate substitution around 70 minutes into the match. 

Selecting a strikeforce is much easier. You should stick with the brilliant BBC: Bale, Benzema and Ronaldo. Arguably the deadliest attacking force in the game, the combined potency of these three players should almost win you matches on their own. Should one of Ronaldo or Bale pick up a knock, Jese Rodriguez isn’t a bad replacement if you have to. These players pick themselves, but there are a few tactics you can employ to get the best out of them.

Top tactical tips

FIFA 15 gives gamers the opportunity to assign detailed roles for each player on the pitch. Although wading through specific instruction tabs may seem daunting, there are a couple of quick tips that can really improve your Real Madrid side. 

1. Although Benzema is more than capable in the air, crossing the ball in general should be avoided in FIFA 15. For that reason, Ronaldo and Bale should have their ‘chance creation’ tab set to ‘cut inside’, allowing you to take full advantage of their strengths as inverted wingers. 

2. If you currently have James Rodriguez in your side at CAM, make sure he is set to ‘stay on the edge of the box’. Standing at 5ft 10 Rodriguez isn’t much of a handful in the air, and keeping him placed just outside the area gives you a much better chance of making space for a long shot. 

Follow this team guide and, as long as you aren’t rubbish at FIFA 15, you will be in control of a Real Madrid team that even the best players will struggle to beat.