EA Sports’ FIFA 15 twitter account gives us a Pleasant Surprise


To spice up the real world The best League transfer deadline day time, EA Sports’ FIFA 15 twitter account has teased some TOTY bank loan players for Greatest Staff. It’s also giving some away within a retweeting campaign.

Here’s the initial tweet about the Team of the Year loan possibilities:

When questioned when these athletes could be accessible as bank loan choices, the tweets account just guided individuals to the typical FIFA 15 Supreme Group news and changes webpage. That somewhat implies that they’ll be coming as a common choice for all players inside a potential upgrade (probably the one that will add the at the moment continuing time frame day time discounts.)

However, the same twitter account is also running 50 match loan ‘giveaways’ on the four players shown in the image above. They’re encouraging people to retweet in order to win loan versions of Kroos, Robben, Messi and Ronaldo. Given the number of retweets already, though, the chances of winning don’t seem particularly high. Ronaldo’s already has close to 12,000 and (at the time of writing) it’s been up for less than a minute. So if you want to quick get them, you have to fight for them by buy FIFA 15 Coins.

Hopefully this giveaway promotion isn’t the only way people will be able to get hold of these players as FIFA 15 Ultimate Team loan options.