Do you think is there anything better than firing in a beauty on FIFA 15? Well if you know how to celebrate like these guys, then the joys of burying a chance are even sweeter.

One of the great things about the FIFA franchise is the ability to choose your own celebration – it certainly comes in handy when you’re rubbing an opponent’s nose in a last-minute winner – but the FIFA Pro Club guys have taken the party to a new level with this outrageous picture set to mega-hit Uptown Funk.fifa-15-13 One Way Celebrate FIFA15 Goals

There’s a lot to be said for Alan Shearer’s famous extended-arm celebration, but when you can dance like this lot to the Mark Ronson jam, then why not get involved in some moves that are normally reserved for the Saturday night dancefloor?

This particularpicture is taken from a game that pits a team of online players against another, and they strike up a hilarious bit of rhythm after taking the lead with a superb solo goal.

Funny I supposed it, and what is your feelings? Far too good you should to purchase some FIFA 15 coins to experiencing it on you own.