With the time of FIFA15 prediction coming, let’s have a look at this week’s football of both games and players.fifa-15-7 Prediction TOTW 19 Of FIFA 15

At the weekend, Chelsea away 5: 0 victory over Swansea, Costa scored twice and increased to 17 goals, and there is an assist Oscar break. He almost can complete the hat trick by himself but selfless pass the ball to William, unfortunately William post-trick. Do you remember TOTW Costa became black card that still is Swansea let Costa completed his hat trick? So in this TOTW 19, Costa deserved to become the best striker.


fifa-15-7 Prediction TOTW 19 Of FIFA 15 La Coruna VS Barcelona on weekends, Lionel Messi played amazing, yes, is Messi and a hat-trick. The TOTY activity was ending, do Messi will become NIF? It also Messi represents Barcelona in all competitions and 30th hat-trick. We know the history of the former La Liga top scorer Telmo Zarra completed a total of 31 hat-trick and ranked first in the Spanish club hat-trick in the race rankings, now Messi distance from the Telmo Zarra only a hat-trick. For the contribute to the team, Messi is very likely to become the best team this week, many players are looking for the RW is the Messi position. But TOTY only to end, 98 CF Lionel Messi and 96 RW Messi, EA will consider the market after NIF Messi comes.

Santiago Cazola

Can you believe Arsenal kicked out of the fantasy football in the home of Manchester City? Yaya Toure is missing in Manchester City home 0: 2 Arsenal; When the Sanchez performance downturn, the Cazorla courage to stand up; and when they are leader Manchester City by the time penalty, Cazorla frequent shocks the Manchester City defense. Eventually Cazorla helps Arsenal 2: 0 win 3 points, it is so terrible Arsenal in the fight four on the road.