I have found a myth squard called “44 Chem Myth” of sub.It means a full performance can be played if a player has at least 4 Chem , but simply won’t get the boosts. Nobody exactly knows how big this boosts are and everyone is wondering about this. So I thought: Let’s try something. So the main message behind this myth is simply “you don’t need chemistry links”.44-Chem-Myth FIFA 15's Myth SquadAs you see, every player is on 4 Chem. I spent a big amount of FIFA coins getting those Basic Chemistry styles to equal everything up. I built this team on purpose, so there isn’t one player in the team how has a link to anyone else.

So my current FIFA record is 367 – 46 – 165. So overall I lose 1 out of 4 games. Not that good – not that bad. Maybe a typical division 1 – 2 player.

I played this team for 25 games – not the typical 10, I thought 25 would be better to give you a good feedback.

In this 25 games that I´ve played, I won 21, draw 1 and lost 3, so overall the performance of the team seems to equal my normal performance.

Let’s get a little bit deeper and talk about “Single Player Performance”, “Overall team performance” or Let’s say “Team Feeling”.

So the “Single Player Performance”

I used most of the players before, I normally have the typical douchebag chemistry method. All Strikers and Wingers on Hunter, Central Midfielder on Catalyst and and Defender on Shadow (Please don’t offense me for this…) So usually my Strikers, Wingers and Defenders should get a little Boost on Pace – but tbh I couldn’t realise any difference. Agüero was outpacing most of the Center backs (with the exception of David Luiz and Onuoha) as always. Same here for Hazard and Robben. Ramos nearly won every run against the well known Strikers (with the exception of Sturridge, Ibarbo, Doumbia… we all know this story).

So for me there wasn’t really a noticeable difference. Same here for the other stats. Agüero, Suarez, Hazard and Robben seemed to be clinical finisher as always. Only difference, but maybe it was just me: Robbens weak foot felt weaker than before – it actually felt more like a 1 star week.