16436-woman-1680x1050-girl-wallpaper-1024x640 FIFA game: Difficult to be replace

There is no doubt that the jaw-dropping realism and increased control on offense, FIFA 15 is notoriously difficult to score in. Just ask the guy who managed to hit two different posts, three times, in the span of three seconds. I wrote a very positive, knee-jerk review of the game upon its release back in September, then realized about a month into playing it that the first next-gen installment of the iconic franchise demanded too much of its human users when it came to putting the soccer ball past the goalkeeper and into the back of the net.

Increased keeper A.I., a more varied/random flight path on driven shots, and a heavy emphasis on build-up contributed to the game’s relative lack of scoring highlights. Simply put, I found FIFA 15 less fun because I’m of the thinking that goals should happen from time to time. Call me crazy.

After seeing this set-piece, however, I’m beginning to think that maybe I just suck at the one video game I’ve played consistently since 1998.