1417836181_41212%20formation FIFA 15 Formation Guide:The Impressive 4-1-2-1-2 Detail AnalysisThe main characteristic of 41212 formation is that you can have a balanced team between attacks and defense, four backs and 1 defending midfielder make the defense more stable than 3 backs. Attacking focuses on the combination of wing districts to central districts, which will make the attacking quite flexible. Furthermore, you need two wingers with high speed and attacking capability.

The emphasis of this formation is on CAM.CAM is a key point. CAM can be classified into two sides. It also can form the three angles districts with double ST. ST + CAM can form a breakthrough. When the opposite side has 4 backs to defend and the opposite players do not tackle you, two ST will attract the opposite players’ attention. At this moment, you can break to shoot by yourselves. If the opposite players come up to tackle you, pass the ball to the idle ST. When the opposite 3 backs defend in the midfield and the defense is tight, pass the ball directly over the top to reduce the faults made by you during the ball-passing. Wing breakthrough is a relatively common gameplay. Shoot the ball aslant to the net with cross or 40 degrees ramp ball. Pay attention to the striker’s position when you pass the ball, which will contributes to the ball with best speed and droppoint.

Defense: The players in the front, not matter they are both in the center or one is in center, the other is in winged district should block the opposite players in the front. If the time is ripe, your side can intercept the ball of the opposite players. Besides, you can rope off the ball with midfielder players in the front districts and corner areas. Single attacking midfielder is responsible for man-marking the opposite defending midfielder. The defending midfielder forms a barrier defense system in the front of center and back. And defending midfielder should prevent the opposite players from attacking and ranged-shooting.

1.Two strikers are in charge of the defense of the wing.
2.Winger and the back are in charge of the opposite wing attacking
3.The center and the back are for mixed defense. One is for marking, the other is behind to protect the goalkeeper.

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