Recently, the destiny launch of their new work, but the new version has suffered the majority Tucao old players, and even the way the players questioned the sincerity of destiny and destiny.

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Destiny, why do you have to be the subject of so much controversy? At your heart, I honestly feel that you’re a good game. I’ve defended you through and through, but your developer and publisher have forced me to question my statements regarding your positive future. I know you’ve got a job to do and you need to make money, but haven’t you already done that? Weren’t you one of the best-selling games of 2014? I think that’s a really solid achievement, given that a new console generation just started.

Destiny’s new downlodable expansion, The Dark Below, essentially forces players to buy in to it. According to a number of distressed players, they aren’t able to attempt either the Nightfall or Weekly Raid tasks. To make matters worse, it also appears that there aren’t anymore engrams available for players who are fighting through Strike playlists. The only one offering them is the level 26 Strike playlist, available only in The Dark Below expansion. The same goes for the new level 24 Strike, also available only in The Dark Below.

The only thing I might be able to say in defense of Bungie is that this may have been simple bad timing. If this was to be the natural progression of Destiny, though, then maybe they should have thought about what else was going to be occurring at the same time. Really, I’m just playing Devil’s advocate – this is some pretty shady business, at it’s core. I hope Bungie wisens up and realizes that they are alienating players at a pretty fast rate. With so many new games on the horizon, they need to ensure Destiny’s longevity. The way they are going about it now isn’t going to do that.