Tanking in Wildstar means grabbing the attention of your enemies and making them attack you instead of your squishy friends. In order to hold the enemies this game uses a system called “threat” Threat basically is a hidden meter that forces the computer target to attack the player at the top. Tanks in Wildstar have extra threat generation from their tanking innate stance, and some tanking abilities. “Taunts” in this game will not push your threat to the top but simply forces the computer target to attack you. “Intimidates” In this game will match your threat to the highest threat on the target while it is active.

1401249644_WS_2013-02_Deradune_20 In-depth look at WildStar TankingYour best friend is your healer, make sure to stay close enough to get hit by their telegraphs. Medics have short range stay close to them, espers medium, and spellslingers have the largest range.

If you’re a Tank, healer or DPS interrupting is by far the most important mechanic to learn in Wildstar. Successful interrupts provide “Moments of Opportunity” (MoO) which increases the damage taken by the enemy interrupted by 50%.

What a MoO also means is that during a fight when targets are interrupted the duration of the interrupt is 100% melee damage mitigation, especially on hard hitting melee bosses, this is a huge benefit to you and your healers. This makes interrupting both bosses and trash vitally important to DPS, tanking, and healing all together. At higher levels you’ll be able to upgrade your stuns/interprets to have more charges and remove multiple layers of interrupt armor, but until then I recommend running 2 ,or even 3, interrupts as a tank or dps, and 1 interrupt as a healer.

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