Any class in this game can wear any armor and can use any weapon, and each class could have up to 7 kinds of skills. Unlike other MMOs, the class you pick or the decision you make at the beginning of the game usually restricts you from using certain weaponry. In Elder Scrolls Online, you can use any weapon you want and any armor you want for any class, even if it totally doesn’t suit and totally doesn’t work right.

Nightbird could be more stealthy. You’d probably be encouraged to use daggers and small swords, and spying on people with a bow-and-arrow. Again, you could be a Nightblade and go for it. You could just wear clothing. Wear heavy armor, use a double battle axe, even though your moves are based around stealth.

The first skill tree option is assassination. This skill line is focused on dealing with brutal, quick attacks to take an enemy down before having a chance to retaliate. The active skills are Assassin’s Blade, a melee attack that does extra damage to weakened foes; Teleport Strike, which causes the nightbird to immediately appear next to the target and do damage while stunning them; Blur, which increases the chance that enemies miss; Mark Target, which allows the nightbird to do extra damage and gain health once an enemy is killed; and finally Haste, which increases attack speed for a duration. The passives increase the damage done by the night-bird, which allows fees to be taken down quicker, while the ultimate ability Death Stroke deals damage to an enemy while reducing their ability to be healed.

The next skill line is shadow, which focuses on letting the test night-bird class stay hidden until the most opportune time to strike. The active abilities of the Shadow line are Shadow Cloak, which grants invisibility for a short duration; Veiled Strike, a damage ability that stuns enemies if used while stealthy; Path of Darkness, which creates a path that damages enemies and increases the night-bird’s movement speed; Aspect of Terror, which causes enemies to run away in fear; and finally Summon Shade, which creates a shade that will attack enemies and reduce the damage they deal. Passive of Shadow increases stamina, survivability, and spell duration. The ultimate skill is Consuming Darkness, which creates an area that shares targets while reducing the amount of damage allies takes while allowing them to become invisible.

Nightshades are a powerful class comparing to other eso class. When put into the right hands. It’s important for them to remember that skill trees can be mixed and match to meet their own specific play style. To learn more click here