Players will need to be able to join multiple bills at once. However, since each guild grants players with inimitable skill lines with both active and passive abilities to choose from, it may be best for nightclothes to focus on one or two guilds in order to have the best skills available. For the Nightblade, this will generally mean the Fighters Guild, but the Mages Guild has some solid options as well.

Fighters Guild
The Fighters Guild is perfect for classes who fight in melee range as well as classes who plans on fighting a great deal of unread and Daedric enemies. Functional abilities and the ultimate ability in the Fighters Guild skill line all focus on dealing damage to unread and Daedric enemies as well as dealing with AoE damage and providing group utility. Passive abilities are also aimed toward Undead and Daedric enemies.

Other Guild Options
While the idea of a stealthy, blood-thirsty Nightblade joining a guild for casters seems a little strange, the Mages Guild may be a good fit for many nightshades who use a great deal of Magicka. The skill line has some decent active and passive abilities. Functional abilities feature two that deal damage over time as well as leech health.

One of the most useful passive abilities is one that increases maximum Magicka as well as Magicka regeneration for every Mages Guild ability slotted. A decent Nightblade soloing build might consist of a few actives from this line in order to build on this passive. This would allow the Nightblade to spam abilities without going to have to worry about running out of Magicka.

Both the vampires Guild and werewolves Guild will likely have some solid skill options for night-lights as well. It will be essential in order to check both the skill lines as well as any possible reward vendors to know which guilds are worth pursuing. Upon joining a guild, a player gains immediate access to the skill line which makes it easy to decide. View detailed click here!