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Your goal is to go mushroom picking mort myre ( ghast that there are a lot of places) Assuming you have met all the conditions , then these are the steps:
1 ) carry Silver Sickle (b) and can send you home magic spells, sent home,
2 ) on the altar to pray at home filling your point , and then spread caniffs home with Chuan Songzhen
3 ) From caniffs go west out of the bar , where there is a mort myre imports ( a fairy ring is also nearby ) , enter mort myre. Entrance mort myre , there are three rotten wood and you can stand there , cast your sickle, and mushrooms on wood . ( rest assured , there is no ghast)
4 ) has been cast sickle, has been picking mushrooms until you run out of prayer , or fit in a pocket of space .
?5 ) sent home, rushed to pray at the altar value , and then return home by Chuan Songzhen caniffs
6 ) The mushroom deposit banks , continue to the next round of picking.
Payout: Each hour you should be able to adopt to 350-400 mushrooms , mushroom basically sold each 1K, so one hour should be 300K or more profitable , right?
This approach is basically not up experience.
If you still feel slow you can start to
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