Firstly, legendaries should begin by being “unlocked.” I believe that the following requirements should be completed for “unlocking.” 100% World Completion, 100% Personal Story Completion. 1000 Kills in WvWvW. This would prompt a quest to approach a Legendary scholar, who-your reputation preceding you-believes you worthy of seeking out artifacts of great power.

To start your next legendary, start from Step 2.Secondly, you are tasked with collecting the essences of beings of great power in the realm. This requires you to complete ALL paths of ALL dungeons, with an ancient relic in your inventory. Completion of this results in a charged relic Your legendary base weapon.

From here Guild Wars 2 you seek to have the resurgent artifact reforged. This requires the collection of a variety of components (similar to what we have now), as well as the mastery of at least one trade skill. Once the components are assembled, the weapon is reforged in body.

You must now christen the weapon Guild Wars 2 Gold in blood, empowering it with each felled foe. 1,000 kills of Silver portrait mobs or other players in WvWvW will satisfy this portion.You are now presented with the final task of collecting the blood of the world’s dragon foes.After bathing the reforged weapon in the blood of the dragons, you return to the Archivist of Legends who aids in the completion of the Legendary weapon, to much fanfare.High and Low, all rejoice, and the player can then move on to the next legendary item immediately, once again collecting essences from the bosses of every dungeon path.