with Norn – The norn are really big like the Vikings, they live for a good hunt and their racial abilities let it turn into different animals. Humans – Humans are a noble race who fights to save their home of old enemies. TAheir racial abilities let it heal and buff them up. There are three playable races Guild Wars 2 Gold beta, the Norn, Charr and Humans. All races are on the same side, so you do not have to choose a faction.

The personal history is the scenario of Guild Wars 2 Gold . Each character gets their own instance specific character that is always available to them, and the decisions you make when you are in will be reflected in your character’s journey all the way to level 80 and guild Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold . Professions in Guild Wars are divided into two types depending on the type of armor they wear. Soldiers wear heavy armor, adventurers wear medium armor, and researchers wear light armor. Charr – Charr are a wild feline race. They are raised as warriors from birth and their racial abilities make them more ferocious in battle.

They are really strong, versatile in combat, and we have plenty of both offensive and defensive capabilities. Engineer – An engineer is a profession rather complex. They use things like turrets, grenades, and elixirs to take their enemies, so it is important to have a strategic eye if you want to go with an Engi. These are essentially classes Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold . The Guardian – Guardians are like the main “tank” class inGW2 Gold , they can inflict much damage, but they are mostly masters of protection and defense. Warrior – Warriors can equip all types of weapons.

If you want to sneak around and stab your enemies with quick attacks, then you’ll want to be a thief. Element lists – Element lists are the key elements, if you want to throw fireballs and our turn for a tornado, go with it and GW2 Gold . They can change their Elemental Attunement in the battle to adapt to any situation. Mesmer – Mesmer is the masters of illusion. Ranger – Rangers can form all kinds of impressive animals to help in the battle. They can strike from a distance, usually with a bow or a gun, but they can be fierce warriors as melee. Thief – A thief is a master of stealth and traps.