The Guild Wars 2 in event weekend Beta 1 is coming next weekend, 27-29 April. The community is excited! It is available for all those who have pre-purchased the game. This will be a fabulous and exciting weekend. Personally, I received my copy earlier today, before the weekend beta was announced, the great calendar. Now for the good things.I thought that you provide a checklist to survive the weekend.If you want to know what to do over the weekend, see this guide by Ravious.

First, you want to prepare you for what you want to do during this weekend. Focus on PvP or POI? What profession and race you want to play? Do you want to play the personal history, the tail tag some people? Perhaps find a few new people to come help Guild Wars 2 Gold before even the beta event, to play with? Stack on caffeine and snacks! Choose your poison. I recommend to have a few bottles of water as well. Players may not be known to be in good health but by choosing some of the alternatives more healthy could actually improve your weekend experiencethis.Remember to take a few breaks during the weekend. Even if you would like to play the whole weekend, it may not be healthy for you, and could potentially reduce your experience. When you get too tired and did not have the GW2 Gold fresh air for a period of time you will not experience in the same way as a fresh mind would.

Expect a completely new experience of everything that you have never played before! We already know Guild Wars 2 will be new Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold and all simply amazing. You can prepare by watching YouTube, reading or video if that is your cup of tea. If this is the first time you’ve heard of Guild Wars 2, check this video on why you should be interested.Prepared from the social experience of 1 hour. With the experience mentioned above new game will bring just a new type of MMO. This time, you will be in collaboration with other people at all times and not fight between them for the monsters and guild wars 2 power leveling loot. All kills into account in your common goal, and you have your own loot table. You could end up with fact have a lot of new friends.

It is beta, and you can expect bugs attack you. Make sure to report your experience to the team either in the game or via beta forums for the weekend so that they can work on The Kinks, after all that is what we are here for.You can expect me back with more than Guild Wars 2 content here on the blog in the next few weeks and hope-years.