Since the initial release of Diablo 3, the active player base of the game has decreased hugely. This is claimed on the Xfire stats page for the game. What is Xfire? In order to track the gaming usage of many PC gamers, they use this badly popular game tracking tool. At the end of May, the base was less than 50% of what it was at the original launch via the data investigated. Over the month of June, the decrease of the number has been consistent sharp through the graph revealed on Xfire.

f1 Turn a drained grind for Diablo 3 gold and equipment by a lot of fans

Why there is sharp decline in player base? It was assumed that the reason is the way Blizzard has decided to establish tougher difficulty levels for Diablo 3. This looks like a main perpetrator. Diablo 3 was pointed out to turn a drained grind for Diablo 3 gold and equipment by a lot of fans in the community. In order to get gear and gold, players have to possess much free time to dive into the harder levels of Diablo 3. Real currency has to be spent luxuriously for equipment.

As a matter of fact, most gamers don’t have sufficient time to farm for equipment all day long. They are also not willing to spend real money for in-game equipment to do the identical processes over again and gain. The development of Diablo 3 has the main weakness that makes it frustrating for many players. The game has been dropped by many players due to the reason.David Brevik is the original Diablo creator. He said that it is a very different game. He has mixed emotions about Diablo 3. As a huge seller, the game has been criticized. In a word, the game will be better after several fixed patches.