9k= Acrimonious the appropriate profession comes in two locations Guild Wars 2Tasks can fail. Added the dynamic event system in Guild Wars 2 Gold, players made the task to produce a variety of results. If you do a task fails, the players do not need to repeatedly redo until successful, but the mission failed to cause different follow-up tasks and task results.A dialogue option. Guild Wars 2 will add a whole new dialogue system, the system will track players and NPC 100 interactive record, check what attitude you with the NPC dialogue, for example, has the charisma, or noble, or rude.More dynamic world. Many online games today to try to add dynamic world in the game, and have achieved varying degrees of success, such as WOW and crack. Thing constant in other online games, will not necessarily Guild Wars 2 constant.

Guild Wars 2 monster and NPC are able to make the players unimaginable, and they do not always corpuscles.Proficient in your skills. I am in guild wars 2 main is to play keeper, when I run out of the wall reflection of the enemy ranged attack, all the enemy will flush at me, that feeling was super despair. But my teammates will start the attack from the enemy’s rear, I for they create the opportunity.

This time, not only need your attention to change your own battle mode, but also need you to switch a weapon, and then use the weapons have a series of not the same skills, Cheap Guild Wars 2 Gold of such practice is undoubtedly let you have a minor role. A lot of elite skills, as the guardian of the book of courage, when you change the skill system, they will also change. Maybe this time change can create a dramatic reversal, so take advantage of them. Switch weapons (or other professional skills switch) is more useful than BUFF.