Diablo 3 as the world’s first ARPG game, Ronin is the only female role in the Diablo 3 items. She has a sex body, agile as attributes, and specializes in long-distance kill target. These characteristics for long-range career most primitive model, agile women set to use many of the works.

However, the ronin itself in the game is not what remote attackers do not like melee and magic, then to the force, the plot area is the same, soldiers killed large pineapple, ronin could not be done, only to embark on the road of soy sauce , life began tragedy. In Diablo 3 her weak NPC regression,  and continue with the tragic route.Diablo 3 occupational differentiation is not very obvious, so Ronin has no contribution for remote professional the proprietary expertise ; but simply left high physical output, crackling and female attribute. So the ronin is a basic successful role, but also incontinue to explore space.

Still, in the Diablo 3,the image of the ronin remote vocational most primitive lineage,and laid the professional tone.Two generation works can be said to be more successful than a generation, not only ARPG game to the peak, and also provides a template for online games. Amazon inherited multiple characteristics of the previous generation of women’s roles, although still fragile, but relying on the games powerful system, Amazon show more unique vocational skills. The perfect crossbow and throwing weapons skills, occupational characteristics of the remote play interpretation more plump professional personality.So welcome to here to have a look!

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