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Tip 1:To look for the Vault of the Assassin, you can storm in the vault and try to go through elites along with monsters soon. When you get to the end of the vault, please teleport you are in recreation character. So, you can repeat a run. Generally, each run will need about 8 minute and you can get 9 rare items.

Tip 2:You can start this when you have completed clearing the Vault of the Assassin. After you teleport back to metropolis, you can use the waypoint so that you can teleport your character to the Sewage of Caleum. And the amount of elites and colossal should be adequate to give you a few stacks regarding Nephalem Valors. When you farm here, you can keep your TP to Vault be opening and so you can go back quickly once you need to!

Tip 3: In these two locations, you will be able to see elite creatures such as Fallen with which you will get lots of d3 gold. Here, what you can get usually is slaying Ashek which is an exceptional monster that you can only get in Black Canyon Mines. In addition to the numbers of monsters you can get in Black Canyon Mines, you will also be able to find lots of treasure chests which you can only get in Road to Alcarnus. Maybe monsters here are really not so much for you, but you can exactly get numbers of diablo 3 gold.

Tip 4: You can get Khasim Outpost with the waypoint. Before you come here, you should talk with a watch commander so that you can get access to the basement. When you at downstairs room, you should kill all of the monsters and also release your prisoners presented. When you out of basement, you can just kill other guards which are imposters. After you finish the quest, you will notice that you have got great rewards.

Have fun!there’s no surprise that all players turns their attention to get the right locations to farm Diablo 3 gold. It is a good thing for all players with this new patch which is that there are only few minor bug fixed on this new patch.