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Diablo 3 and these traditional games, addition to the grade restrictions, the pattern is almost the same, nothing more has been killing monsters, playing treasure. But why now it seems boring game, we can then having all the fun, regardless of all aspects of speaking more than they Diablo 3 gold, a variety of discontent?So I say Diablo 3 earlier issued 10 years before on the World of Warcraft, then certainly a big success. Conditions at that time amounted to less than the effect in addition to art, not what the problem is fully capable of making such a game,

Imagine if 10 years in the morning sale Diablo 3, it will definitely become another myth of the Blizzard . Of course, this world is no if’s. The huge success of World of Warcraft is undoubtedly Diablo 3 have long to dig the grave. World of Warcraft subvert the meaning of traditional online games the team is no longer the deliberate pursuit of game time, is no longer endless Daguai playing Po upgrade, high-end high-end people play for casual gamers casual The fun of the players.