The Guild Wars 2 virtual economy is as complex and interesting as real world economy and we can see some of the same tendencies as on real markets and apply theses to maximize our profits.

John Smith has made this infographic showing you a snapshot of the economy in Guild Wars 2 during one Beta Weekend. Although it is not taken from the live game, we can still see some trends and learn how to use them in our benefit.

Guild-Wars-2-commerce1 Making Gold In Guild Wars 2 Virtual Economy

When it comes to earning money trough game-play, nearly one third of all the gold comes from rewards. One half of all the gold comes from dynamic events and renowned hearts. You will get nearly 80 % of all your gold by doing these three things. As we already know, grinding mobs is not the most efficient way to get gold and it is represented here nicely by its low percentage of only 12%.

The professions chart will not represent the live distribution, as this was taken from a beta weekend, and there will be far less jewelers and more cooks. The interesting thing to note from this section is the armor making crafting disciplines, that are essentially equally represented (there are less armorsmiths because there are only 2 professions who use heavy armor).

The currency exchange graph shows a normal tendecie of gem prices starting high, dropping and then rising again. Nothing new here, as players will not have enough gold at the star to buy gems. As they get more gold the demand for gems will rise and the price will go up.

Nearly half of all the trading post purchases are for crafting materials. This is expected as players will be leveling their crafting disciplines and will be prepared to buy the crafting materials. The interesting thing to note is that there was a 25% higher purchase of weapons than gear.

Apply the leanings from this infographic in-game and surely you will make a profit!