You might ask yourself why will I need gold in Guild Wars 2?

Like in most successful MMO Guild Wars 2 has a complex economy system. There are a lot of different gold sources from which you acquire gold and there are also gold sinks. the later ones are there to keep the economy in balance.

GW2-Gold-Guide-Currency-Exchange Making Gold In Guild Wars 2 – Why?

You can get gold just by playing the game as a rewards from questing. This should cover all your basic needs and you can do just fine. But if you want to experience all the aspects of Guild Wars 2 you will need some extra gold as there are many gold sinks in-game.

If you want to level crafting for example you will need a lot of materials, which you can gather yourself or go buy on the Trading Post. A big sink are also schematics in WvW, books for traits, repair costs, crafted gear, making your guild, vanity items, food, boosters…

Guild Wars 2 has an unique gem currency with which you can buy different upgrades, dyes, mini pets, additional character slots, additional bag space…These gems can be bought with real money or exchanged for gold via Currency Exchange.

GW2-Gold-Guide-Currency-Exchange Making Gold In Guild Wars 2 – Why?

So if you have enough gold you don’t need to spend any real money and buy all the items the Gem Store offers with gems you bought with gold. This is fantastic if you are a collector and want all the mini pets and the dyes. I also want extra bags and extra character slots. Without paying a dime!

So if gold if you would like to make gold in GW2 make sure you read all the guides on Guild Wars 2 Gold Guides and try out for yourself these proven methods. This way you’ll be able to spoil your characters with all the commodities this fantastic game has to offer. or you might just give it away to your friends, your partner or total strangers.