a-120x600 How to Get GW2 Gold in the GameGood news! Guild Wars 2 headstart is avaibalble today! If you are lucky enough to own a GW2 CD Key, you will be able to enter the game and enjoy it three days earlier than the official lauchment. Are you one of the lucky ones? For those who do not have a CD Key yet, it is still not late to get one. As a loyalty guild wars 2 fans, there is no need to describe how exciting I am to be finally able to play this game after waiting for so long.
There are still a few hours for the open of the service, why don’t we share some tips about how to get Guild Wars 2 gold and gems in the game? As GW2 gold is of vital importance to the game, the more golds you get, the easier for you to get nice clothes and better gears for your professions. Come with me to know how to get it in the Guild Wars 2.

Farming gold in the game

You can get the gold through the dynamic events. As there are so many dynamic events in the game, once you have made contribution to the events, you will get gold and experience points as rewards. So, it is wise for you to take part in as more events as possible. No matter you are more interested in solo, or you choose to fight with your alliances, you will get guild wars 2 gold. Secondly, you can also get gold when you take down the monsters. Once you have killed the monsters, you will be able to get the drop. The drop includes the weapons and the golds. Thirdly, you can get the gw2 gold by completing the love quests which is marked as a yellow heart on the map. Fourthly, you can get it by interactive activities, such as the Treasure Chests. You can also get rewards by completing the maps or own titiles in the WvW world.

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