A good tip for all players of Guild Wars 2 is to be prepared. that means planning ahead and never being without certain items that will make your GW2 experience more fluid and consequently make more gold.

Here are the 4 things that should always be in your bags:

1. Salvage Kits – Always have at least 2 stacks of salvage kits in your bags. Use them regularly on any salvageable items (cloth scraps, leather scraps, ore) and also salvage any gear or weapons that you can’t use. The exceptions are gear and weapons with stats (power, precision) that can be sold on the trading post or the vendor price is higher than the salvaged materials.

2. Gathering Equipment – Harvesting Sickles, Mining picks and Logging Axes are essential for gathering crafting material. Always check the state of your gathering tools stack size and buy an tool when the numbers are getting low. Also make sure your gathering tools are level appropriate as you won’t be able to gather higher level nodes with lower tier tools.

3. Food – Different kinds of food give you different kinds of buffs, but all food gives you a +10% Experience buff. The faster you will level up, the higher content you will be able to do, giving you more gold, karma and loot.

4. Bag Space
– This is not an item by itself but it is a contributing factor to the gold/hour formula. If your inventory is full al the time and you can’t loot mobs you are waisting precious time. As soon as possible make or buy four 8 slot bags and send all your crafting material to your bank regularly.

These tips might seem a little too obvious to the experienced player, but by just following these four simple tips you will increase the efficiency of your play-style, thus make more gold, and have a better experience of this fantastic game.