you played the second Guild Wars 2 Beta Stress Test you might have experienced a gold exploit that was occurring on the Trade Post.

160x600 Guild Wars 2 Gold ExploitThe Tradeing Post, which is the GW2 version of the Auction House, was having a glitch and every time you sold something it would duplicate the item and the amount of gold it sold for.

This only worked if there was a demand for that item.You can check out this video and see how it worked for Donatin who couldn’t wrap his mind around it .

Other players have reported the a similar gold exploit. Whenever they dragged an item to the trading post it would triple or quadruple and would show as “3 or 4 item listed”.

Then the player canceled the auction a got ALL the items out. Then he would just repeat the same exploit again a get 4 times more items. After getting a bunch of items he could just sell them to a vendor a get a lot of gold.

This Trade Post exploit didn’t last as after some time ArenaNet disabled the Black Lion Trading Company along with the Trading Post. No more trading was possible untill the end of the Stress Test.

Before making bags to make gold be sure to check out the prices on the trading post of available bags and of all the materials you need to make the bags. Higher level bags also require runes of holding which you can buy from vendors. Be sure to calculate all the materials plus the trade post fee and compare them to the prices of the listed bags to see if you will make a profit.

It is also important to know when to post your auctions so be sure to check the trade post regularly to see the different changes to bag prices. Posting when there is a peak of players or when there are fewer sellers is usually a good strategy.

Higher level bags will usually give you a better profit margin especially at the start of the game, when there will be fewer crafter’s capable of making them. So it is a good idea to level as fast as you can to get the high end materials make high end bags. For more tips on how to level faster check out this guide.