If you are killing mobs in Guild wars 2 you will get a chance of better loot if you have Magic Find. What is magic find and how does it work. Here’s a great FAQ by Nosalv explaining it in detail:

a-180x150 Earn More Gold In Guild Wars 2 With Magic FindQ: How do I go about getting Magic Find?

A: The easiest and cheapest way is to buy/make magic find food.
Omnomberry Bar Is currently my favorite food to use. Another option is Chocolate Omnomberry Cream as it provides 40% magic find but it is only while you have a boon and it also does not provide increased gold gain so it is inferior for farming.A more expensive but permanent way to get magic find is through equipment and upgrades.

Q: How does Magic Find work?

A: Magic find increases the chance you obtain highier rarity items. It works on getting crafting materials. It works on getting Blues(Fine)/Greens(Masterwork)/Yellows(Rare) from mobs.

It is believed that all your bonuses to the stats are added up and that modifies the drop tables. So if you have 2 bonuses of 50% magic find for example you would end up with 100% magic find. So if a mob had a 5% to drop a ‘fine’ quality crafting ingredient or piece of equipment that chance would be doubled to 10%. I must caution that this is not fact and still being tested, because current smaller tests seem to indicate that magic find is actually more effective that what is described above。

Q: Is it worth it?

A: If you plan on killing things yes, a thousand times yes. Even spending gold on the Omnomberry Bar just to go out and farm for for a while is extremely worth it. You’ll easily make back and probably even double/triple the 1-5 silver the food cost you just through the 40% increased gold alone. The 30% magic find is a massive boost for something that is already effectively free at worst and otherwise makes you money.

If you want to make more gold in GW2 you should stack up your magic find bonus. You should at least have the food magic buff always on. Even at lower levels you should buy or make food with magic find buff.Tarts  are a dessert food that has magic find and can be usedat different levels. Buy them on the trading post or make them yourself. You can level cooking easily by following this 1-400 Cooking Guide.