Since Guild Wars 2 has released for 2 months, the sales and online time are beyond the popular World of Warcraft and Diablo III. More and more players intend to spend more time on exploring Tyria. In the fantastic world, there are full of unknown challenge and dynamic event waiting for us. Even though you are arriving at top level, Guild Wars 2 still has strong attraction for us.

For my personal experience, the most interesting thing in Guild Wars 2 is searching Treasure Chests. Around the land of Tyria, there are many treasure chests. Jut through the easy task to reach the chest. Different maps has different chest, the abundant treasure will out of your imagination. Pay more attention, the rock around the chest is purple.

As you know, to farm Guild Wars 2 Gold is hard and boring, why not spend more on exploring the marvelous world? We are adventure who is enjoying the funny in the game, not the slave for the gold. There are lots of way can get GW2 Gold, to find a reliable store to replenish your gold requirements will save more time for you.

Now, I would like to share my experience of exploring chest in Lions Arch. From the teleport points, the entrance is right behind the Waterfall in south.

gw2-map10182012 What would you do after the top level in Guild Wars 2

Along with the cavern, you can see the purple rock far away. Just stride toward this goal that you will find the chest with purple light.

gw2-map10182012 What would you do after the top level in Guild Wars 2

While, the distance traveled is full of challenge and funny. I think it is high time to test your skills of jumping. Of course, these rocks basically are vertical ascent. You can take this opportunity to practice more times.

Alright, maybe you are similar with this map. I hope that you get big award from this chest. We are welcome you can share your funny experience with us. Tomorrow, we will share with you another hidden chest .