cropped-3331 The Most Important Capacity for A Commander in Guild Wars 2 WvW

Everyone may feel so excited to watch a film about a fierce war, not to mention being a soldier himself to experience the war himself. Guild Wars 2 players are the lucky ones who can have this chance, to fight for their glory and blood.

WvW is the real fight among the heroes. Many players may have got this kind of experience when they playing in the WvW mode, that they do not know what they should do, and whom to fight with as there are so many people there. You may be dead while you were still trying to find what was going on.

That is why a commander is needed in a team to guide this war. He should have an clear idea about the whole situation, to decide the strategy about how to win the war and make his members understand, and to command what the members in the team should do separately. Absolutely, we should have sufficient Guild Wars 2 Gold.From which we can know that the capability of the commander may influence the end of the war directly. Among all the abilities, there are several points that matters most. They are the ability to communicate well with his team members, the ability to make a decision of strategy, the ability to execute the strategy, and the conception of whole war situation.

As a commander, you should have a clear idea about the strategy to fight in the war. It need you to know that whole situation of the war all the time and change your strategies correspondently. You should also have good communications with your team members so that they can understand how you want to fight in the war, or no matter how smart strategy you have made, no one knows what you want, and how to do it. It is also essential to know how to distribute your team members to do what they are really good at, and organize a real fight. A commander should also know when to insist, and when to give up turn to another opportunity instead of wasting the time and energy.

So, what do you think is the most important capacity as a commander in the WvW?
1. Communicate
2. Strategy
3. Execution
4. Whole War Conception