The much-anticipated Guild Wars 2 finally has open beta test. Being a GW fans waiting for nearly two years, I entered the account and password with my hands trembling after waiting for half an hour in front of the computer, I prayed silently: Amen ! Don’t go wrong!  At last, I connected with service smoothly and started the wonderful journey.

From this picture,it is clearly that the game has attrack thousands of players anticipate in it!
Then, come to the races choices scenes. I am shocked by the style of oil painting or even boorish of the scenes, which are the same as I saw in the video published at the Game Exhibition. What astonished me most is that there are 5 races optional. How gernerous ArenaNet is! As I am not so addicted to crazy and novelty things, I choos the most normal races–the Human as a start, maybe I will try the most mysterious race–the Norn tomorrow.
20120725030410 The first experience of the Mesmer in GUILD WARS 2
From the latest information released by the development team the Elementalist and Mesmer more newness than before. It is clearly separate the Wizard into two parts, Elementalist and Mesmer. Also,the characteristic belong to each others are totally bright! The former can take use of the water,fire to attack the enemies, the latter is like a magician who can travel through the space time and summon a variety of the illusion. The curiosity drive me to choose the Mesmer, maybe the personality is inclined to naughty that result in the adventure has begin! While,in the end, I was totally shocked by the design of mask. Then,i have to choose the mask, backgroud and value for my hero. Is it text for characteristic? However, the last sentence of “THIS IS MY STORY” make me feel so cool!

Finally, i have entered into this game. During the following 4-5 hours, i totally immerse into the online game! Guild Wars 2 really is ready for every players, server stability and speed make us satisfied without any pauses feeling.