According to the latest news of GW2 official site announced that the Halloween celebration activities are coming soon! Not only you can buy the Halloween costumes from the marketplace, but also you can enjoy the new game of Shadow of the Mad King. What’s more, the paid PVP will be available soon!
youdian How to prepare for the coming Guild Wars 2 Paid PVP?What will happen in the different paid PVP? As we all know, we need to buy a ticket enter into the paid PVP, but big surprise for your team is amazing. Except for the big reward, what else amazing events we will encounter? Everything is waiting us to explore. Meanwhile, we should know there is risky, there is chance. The difficulty of paid PVP certainly higher than the free PVP, due to the abundant reward will drive you venture into the unknown world. Are you ready to take the big prize? As long as your team wins the battle that you can get gems directly. Sounds so exciting?This is a test of wisdom and skill in paid PVP, each team-building should be prepared in advance.

For my personally experienced, before we choose this PVP that we should master of skills and pay more attention on teamwork. Everyone has the different role in the team, the man who is the healer? Which characters would be the leader? All in all, with enough Guild Wars 2 Gold and gorgeous GW2 Weapons can improve your efficiency and make your stronger. As your reliable GW2 Gold supplier, my stocked can offer you gold and items at anytime.

PVP play an important role in the Guild Wars 2. Many players are anticipating the big surprise what developer will bring us? Not only the paid PVP, but also the Custom arenas in the future! A great game can always bring us the funny and surprise that is the Guild Wars 2!