ArenaNet game director Colin Johanson said earlier Buy Guild Wars 2 Gold official forum posts, developers have to wait for the players completely familiar with the existing game will make major adjustments to the game of skill and balance system. Not only that, the copy of the difficulty of adjustment, the official did not want to be too hasty.
two The adjustmebt of Guild Wars 2 copies difficult balanceThe ArenaNet developers who want to give the players some time, allowing the player to truly adapt to the game play and difficulty, and then be adjusted based on player feedback.The reason for this is because this achieved certain results in a copy of the battle and elite area waiting for the players to adapt to the way. Johanson explained that initially when the battle Domain of Anguish just debut disgruntled players in its difficulty, but after a few months, the official did not make any substantive changes to the case, the players turned to think this is one of the most interesting area of the game.

We actively sustained attention each a copy, and to proceed with the work of balance adjustments. We think some BOSS addition to a lot of the value of life, and not too many features. We hope these BOSS changing enough skills and operational mechanisms to maintain freshness and tension of battle. We will continue to observe and adjust the number of copies of the reward, of course, we are also planning to join the new copy of.

two The adjustmebt of Guild Wars 2 copies difficult balanceOverall, Guild Wars 2 is a novelty for many players a game, and we absolutely guarantee to the players, when you are familiar enough with the game, and got some high-end skills, a copy of the exploration mode is is not difficult to conquer. We see a lot of teams in the closed beta copy becomes ease comprehend some tips. Like “battle” in the Domain of Anguish, players need to take some time to practice and understand the skills to overcome a copy of the exploration mode, because a copy of the exploration mode is designed for these players like the challenge.