ms_35 Nova Occupation of the misappropriating careerAres – Occupational attack to limit the output so super skills to make up for this defect, but due to a combination of Maplestory Mesos attack, it is estimated that the keyboard too much. Paragraph 3 attacks, each attack damage 355% full crit ignore defense 20%.
Changed residues Mirage – before the summer vacation, crit, output no. But just to make way for a new career, the end of November, the test will still change back. Super skills are garbage, in addition to the group attack. Why how do you say? Blu-ray brand-plus gain for local tyrant, full of hurt +20% meaningless boss apparently use for civilians, the captain of the Storm, plus the 20% it does not.

ms_35 Nova Occupation of the misappropriating careerNova Occupation: the misappropriating career, so the metamorphosis of course, do not expect the winter break there will be good results, especially the angel sister. How to change it?

To change the players had to give up this profession is practiced at a new career, weakened output damage cap is a mere trifle, the most disgusting attack unsustainable output, is the time of the attack is not 100% charge on it.

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