account Introduction of Guild Wars 2 PVE Contenthe story of the Guild Wars 2 is about 250 years after the Eye of the North expansion. In GW2, the world of Tyria will be changed. There will be an ancient race of powerful dragons resurfacing after millennia of slumber. Primordus has been debuted in the Eye of the North. The sunken holy city of Arah in ruined kingdom of Orr has got the entire region raised from below the water level, and there is an undead armada that has been created between continent of Tyria and the Factions continent of Cantha. The south of the Crystal Desert also has the link to the Nightfall continent of Elona cut off. The Far Shiverpeaks also uses its icy minions to push the Norn south into the land previously occupied by the Dwarves.

account Introduction of Guild Wars 2 PVE Contentmassive floods caused by the resurfacing of Orr destroy many coastal cities in Kryta. It has moved north, away from the coast, with a new capital, Divinity’s Reach. There is a republic that ends the years of the feuds between the Shining Blade and the rebel White Mantle. The humans from Ascalon now are a part of the Charr.

The successor of Emperor Kisu in Cantha defeats the warring Kurzick and Luxon faction. In addition, it reunites Cantha under one banner. Cantha drives all non-human races away from the lands and fortifies the borders.Other sentient Guild Wars 2 races have a better time than humans. The Norns and the Charr continue to honor their peace formed from a mutual respect. The Asuras sustains a net work of teleportation gates and keep strictly neutral at the same time.

account Introduction of Guild Wars 2 PVE Content

The characters and items in Guild Wars 2 will be different from the ones in the original Guild Wars campaign. The professions are also designed to be viable for both solo and group play. What’s more, the cap of level in GW2 will be 80, and leveling curve is designed suitable to all level players at higher levels.