The last month of a year is always the busiest and happiest time of a year, there’s a Mayan prophecy forecasting the end of the world, and there’s a happy Christmas waiting for us to celebrate. As a MMO player, have your found your favorite game all around this year? For the last new MMO collection in 2012, I’m going to introduce you guys some new MMOs announced last month that worth your attention. Take a look at them!

hello6400000000000000000 Hello MMO – December New MMO Collection

Xsyon is a newly released unique apocalyptic fantasy MMORPG in virtual world. This virtual world is constantly changing, influenced by player’s actions and the environment’s reactions. The ‘sandbox’ MMO is developed by Notorious games.

A free trial server is opened last month which features the creature migration system, coming of revenants and totem decay. And now a free-to-play option for the current Prelude phase of Xsyon is available. So players who are interested in this game can definitely give it a shot!

Who will the world change for? Project S seems to be the one. ChangYou recently announced their western fantasy MMORPG Project S, the game is entering a Technical Test phase before the year ends. The game is built by ChangYou’s self-developed engine and aimed at the international market, Project S has several features a true sandbox title would have. However, the release time for Project S is scheduled to be 2014 which is really a long period to wait.