Guild Wars 2 official website recently announced that the game will be the middle of this month, EST time event on the afternoon, the piece tells a series of stories that occurred in the Sea of Sorrow shore, the official also did not disclose this events and awards. Although the recent “Guild Wars 2” is a high-profile its Halloween activities, but this is not the only activities. A publicity produced specifically for the next month, on-line activities page also announced to the players. Something sad the depths of the ocean, is filled with uncertainties continue, the result will always change the whole picture of Tyria.
flash Guild Wars 2 update into the Lost Coast game events

What is Lost Coast in the end ? We not yet known but we can do a little guessing from the release of a limited number of shots, shot implies certain things are the depths of the gradual formation. But be sure is that this activity is a one-time activity, when the activity begins, you can participate in, but once you miss you never have a chance.

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